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New Male Chastity Fiction

I’ve had more than a few emails and messages and stuff asking why I’ve switched (heh) from male chastity non-fiction to male chastity fiction.

Well, I’ve not. I now write both.

And sharing chastity stories with your Beloved is a brilliant way to hook the idea of playing the chastity game with you right into her emotions and subconscious.

Many men email me and tell me they can’t get past square one because their wives just switch off when it comes to talking about sex. And if you can’t even talk about it, then you can’t tell her what you really want, can you?

And you can find some great stories here:

My Author Page

Tatiana (first of the ‘Abyss’ Series)

Monaco (second of the ‘Abyss’ Series)

Stacy’s Game (cuckold fantasy fiction)

Male Chastity and Marriage (non-fiction)

Tease and Denial (non-fiction)

Sarah x

Male Chastity Fiction -- 'Monaco', sequel to 'Tatiana'

At last… ‘Monaco’, the eagerly awaited sequel to ‘Tatiana’ is now available from the Amazon Kindle Store: (US and International)

And (UK)

Remember, you DON’T need a Kindle to read them — there are free readers for MOST devices available for download on the Amazon site.

In this, the sequel to Tatiana, we find Igrushka in Monaco, the willing guest of Tatiana and her mafia-boss father, Nicolai.

But still Tatiana refuses him the release he so desperately needs, and he finds himself inexorably drawn deeper under her spell, the price of her flawless body the complete and utter surrender of his orgasm to her implacable will… and his only hope of release hinges on Tatiana’s need for him to make love to her wholly and without restraint.

But who are the mysterious Dr Von Hoffman and his beautiful assistant, Kristina? And will Igrushka be permitted the relief he hopelessly begs for, or does Tatiana have other plans

Monaco is the second in a series, and is approximately 12,500 words. It contains strong language and covers adult topics including male chastity, male submission, female domination, orgasm denial, oral sex, strapon sex, lesbianism and prostate-milking.

Monaco is not for the prudish, the easily offended or minors. (US and International)

And (UK)

I’ll be recording ‘Monaco’ over the weekend and will have the MP3 available next week, all being well.

Male Chastity Story -- 'Tatiana' Now On MP3

If you enjoyed the¬†Tatiana¬† on Kindle, then you’re going to LOVE this.

Because the MP3 of Tatiana is now available for download, read out by me in my sexy English accent (to me it’s just my voice, but I know a lot of people love to hear me talking dirty, lol).

So if you’ve read the Kindle book and you enjoyed it… then the MP3s are going to drive you nuts.

Here’s what some of the reviewers had to say:

"Throughout this book, I wished that it was I that experienced this special world of total Erotic Surrender. Titania (sic) is an awesome book that leaves one begging for more…Cant wait for Sara’s next book…"

"This book is very well written and leaves you wanting and waiting for the next chapters. Sarah Jameson steps you into a world which the 50 Shades series fails to go! She places you in the story so you can feel what the main character feels and in a way you can relate to him. I would recommend this book to anyone who has wanted to be the least bit submissive or has wanted to be in charge at some point in a relationship, after all, most of us have been on one side of that coin or another, some of us on both sides of the same D/s coin at different times. Very well put together and I can safely say I look forward to Part 2."

"I cannot believe how much I loved Tatiana!!! It was VERY well written and it had me flipping through the pages as fast as I could. I can’t wait for the next book."

You can discover more about ‘Tatiana’ and download the MP3 here:

Tatiana (NEW chastity fiction and it's FREE for a short while)

Well, as promised (although a little late) my latest male chastity story is now available Tatiana - Available now on Amazonfor download from the Amazon Kindle store (and it’s free for the next few days:

Tatiana… sizzling-hot daughter of a Russian billionaire with a very eclectic taste in men. A maneater.

But this doesn’t deter the man she names “Igrushka” — Plaything, in her native tongue — who makes a brazen approach when he first sets eyes on her at the party on her father’s luxury yacht.

Yet this time… perhaps he’s bitten off more than he can chew, and the mysterious Tatiana begins to spin her web of irresistible desire and teasing, ever drawing him further in like a moth drawn to a candle-flame… to a doom he cannot resist yet knows he cannot bear.

This is the first in a series, and is approximately 8,000 words. It contains strong language and covers adult topics including male chastity, orgasm denial, oral sex, and ruined orgasm.

It is not for the prudish or the easily offended.

So you might want to get it while it’s still hot (and free). Oh, and if you do download it for free, I’d very much appreciate it if you left a review.

subhubby56 asked: I loved your first book! I am looking forward to hearing how Joe adapts (or not) to his new marriage!

Thank you. I think you’ll find Joe and Stacy have some twists, turns and bumps ahead in the road… and you’re sometimes going so fast you can’t see what’s coming at you around the next corner… ;-)

man2473 asked: Looking forward to your stories. Do you ever laugh at John knowing how much control you have and how much you both love it?

No, not really. When I laugh, it’s more a case of laughing with him, not at him.

If I did, then there are so many things he could laugh at me for, too. But I wouldn’t like it and he’s a Gentleman.

Stacy's Game

This is my first attempt at chastity fiction (and it comes with a cuckolding spicy Stacy's Game - Available now on Amazontopping).

Joe and Stacy are off for a well-earned weekend break. Joe has been busy working and his promises of the ‘early days’ intimacy are wearing a little thin.

Stacy, Joe’s devoted wife, is a highly sexed woman and her idea of a husband willing to please seems very different from Joe’s, whose continual bugging for her to seek her pleasure elsewhere is enough to drive her to distraction. She’s a one-man-woman and all she wants is her husband to give her what she so badly needs.

A weekend break in an upmarket hotel is exactly what Joe needs to regain his energy and begin keeping his promises.

But Joe can’t keep his mouth shut and throws down his challenge one time too many.

Until Pete catches her eye, and she decides to call Joe’s bluff… and he finds this time he’s gone too far and things can never be the same again.

Contains explicit sex-scenes, and deals with the adult concepts of male chastity, orgasm denial and cuckolding.

Male Chastity Stories — At Last!

Male chastity stories are something I’ve been meaning to write for some time, as you may know if you’re a regular reader of my usual blog the Male Chastity Blog.

So recently I finally decided to put finger to keyboard and bash my first one out. It’s now available on Amazon, and it’s a male chastity and cuckolding story called Stacy’s Game.

Now, a couple of people have asked me why I’ve done this, especially as my interests in the male chastity world are strictly monogamous and mostly vanilla.

Well, there are a couple of reasons.

First, I still have an imagination, and there’s no doubt many of the less vanilla things in the world of male chastity are exciting, not least cuckolding and some of the female-domination stuff. This isn’t to say I’d ever lift them from the page and actually engage in them, before anyone starts.

Secondly, it’s just fun for fun’s sake. I enjoy writing. I enjoy thinking. I also enjoy titillating and pleasing my audience. Which takes me to…

Thirdly… I’ve been asked about it a lot. I mean loads. I probably get an email a day every day asking me “Sarah, when will you write some male chastity stories”. And so here they are.

And by “here” I mean on Tumblr. I have a fancy to keep this sort of separate from my main blog as the place where I indulge my dirty imagination.

In His Chastity,

Sarah xxx


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